Beth, sleeping on the floor with Gozer

beth and gozer IMG_1581sm

Beth frequently slept with Gozer. When he was just a tiny puppy, she would even set up a bed, of sorts, on the floor so she could keep him company there. This doesn’t line up perfectly, but this is close to where the original photo was taken. I moved the blanket closer to where Gozer was resting so I could include him in the photo.

These images are some of the most heartbreaking for me.

Old studio, new home, brick wall

beth house IMG_1545sm

I am hopeful I can take photos in the old studio, soon. I mean, it is no longer a studio, but I found out which business occupies that space now, and I was able to contact a person that might let me onto the roof to take some photos. Fingers crossed.

One thing I did learn is the space is radically different than it was when I rented studio space there, and this photo really wouldn’t have been possible there. So, I took it in a different location. This is the brick wall on the patio at the back of our house.

If all goes well, I will post the images from my old studio in the next month, or so. They are some of my favorite images I ever took of her. We had only been dating for a short while. The love was still new. We were still so young. Her mom once said, “She became more beautiful after she started dating you.” It was such a nice compliment for her to make, as if I had anything to do with her beauty.

I mean, look at this one.

She is beautiful in this image.


Old studio, new home, laughing

beth house IMG_1548sm

Like the image from yesterday, the original photo was taken in my old studio, with a Nikon FE2 on Kodak TMax film (probably 400 ASA). The outside image is our home.

I would have been taking photos for a series of drawings or paintings I wanted to do. She used to be really awkward in front of a camera, and would giggle a lot while I tried to take photos. Usually I would just wait for her to be serious.

I’m thankful I took this photo of her laughing, even though that wasn’t the goal.