Another from Newport, RI


As with the post from yesterday, I thought I had posted this one, but if I did, I can’t find the original post, and since I’m pretty sure it was never posted, you’re seeing it now.

Eli (you can read about him here) really went out of his way to help me locate and get shots of this spot. I had spent a good portion of the previous morning searching for the location. I was thrilled when we found it. We couldn’t really locate it until we were on the water.

I’ll never be able to thank Eli enough for all of this generous and amazing help.

Hampton Beach, candid, from a distance


This image probably doesn’t seem like much, there are several little things I like. It’s a candid shot, from a distance.

For whatever reason, Beth always found it funny when I quoted one of her favorite movies, Last of the Mohicans, by badly imitating Daniel Day-Lewis saying, “From a distance.”

If you’ve followed this blog over the last year, you also know I kind of like it when my shadow is in the frame. It’s something you would normally avoid, as a photographer, but for this series, it ties the past and the present together for me, as much as the actual combination of photos does. I’m always happy when the angle allows me to sneak my shadow into the frame. I’ve posted a few good examples over the past few days.

Even though I’m probably just saying something ordinary to Beth, I like how I can imagine something more special is happening, like I’m leaning over to kiss her.

Waiting Room, Omaha

waiting room dinosaur jr IMG_0129sm

This was a different concert than the one posted yesterday. I know purely because she is wearing something different.

The background was so dark I was never entirely certain it was the Waiting Room until I took this image. Once I wandered around looking at the posters, I figured out exaclty where it was taken.

I would guess this was a Built To Spill show, but that’s just a wild guess.

The Waiting Room, Dinosaur Jr.

waiting room IMG_0094CROPsm

It’s midnight on Saturday the 18th. Technically, it is the 19th, I suppose.

I’m seeing Dinosaur Jr. tonight. It’s probably sacrilege to admit this, but Beth was actually more of a Sebadoh fan. Still, if she were alive and healthy, it’s a show she would have wanted to go to.

The photo is off (if you know the place well, you can see what I did wrong), but they were so nice to let me in early, I didn’t want to start over once I realized the mistake. It works, as-is, so I’m going to settle for this one.

I can’t recall who we were seeing the night this photo was taken. It might have been Johnny Marr, but I’m not sure. We used to see a lot of shows when she was healthy.

Regardless, I wish she were here right now, like every other day. But, I miss going to concerts with her.