Wedding ring

wedding ring IMG_8535sm

When I went to South America, I didn’t take Beth’s wedding ring because I was so afraid I’d lose it (I’ve become amazingly absentminded). Ironically, I’ve now lost the ring I was wearing in South America. I sincerely hope I find that.

I knew I’d be revisiting our honeymoon locations, and taking so many photos of her, so I decided to take the chance and simply try and be more mindful.

It’s something Beth wanted me to be better, at anyway.

Mindfulness – though in a much deeper and bigger sense.

I know it’s been nearly nine months. I know I should stop wearing it. A few people even commented when I stopped wearing it for a few weeks. I mean, commenting in a positive way; that it was good to see I was moving on, or whatever. I know those comments are meant in the kindest and most supportive way.

But, for for this first year, at least, I’m giving myself permission to do whatever the hell I want.

And what I want is this little constant reminder of her; of the love lost; of what was.

And I’m not ashamed to admit I fucking miss her like you could never imagine.

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