Omaha Film Festival

(Edit: This was posted earlier today, but soon after it posted, it won more awards. See the bottom of the post for the update)

beth missing piece omaha film festival IMG_0018sm

Today was the last day of the Omaha Film Festival. Luckily, I thought to print off this photo so I could take this picture. It appears to be OFF 8,  which would be the festival from four years ago. I’ve submitted to about seven Omaha Film Festivals, I believe. I think I’ve had about eight films screened (I usually only submit one in any given year). This was likely the last one Beth attended.

Jeff Koterba of the Omaha World Herald caught me while I tried to sneak these shots in, unannounced. Here is his photo:

beth missing peice koterba off

Beth had an attack at the festival four years ago, and I recall Marc Longbrake kindly letting her stay in her seat in between screenings while they were clearing the theater. I helped her through it, of course, and it wasn’t a bad attack, but attacks usually meant it was difficult, if not impossible, for her to walk. After that public attack, she said she never wanted to risk it happening, again, and wouldn’t attend any of the film festivals, after that.

It was sad, and I missed having her with me at other festivals. She used to enjoy going to movies so much, and I know it upset her.

Two of our first dates were to movies. One of those films was Akira Kurosawa’s Dreams.

I don’t know how she’d feel about my film, my “love letter” to her. I can only hope she would have felt blessed and honored. It is, by far, the most personal and emotionally challenging film I have ever created.

All I’ve ever wanted to do was honor her memory.


Missing Piece just won both the Best Nebraska Short Documentary, and somewhat inexplicably to me, the Audience Award for Best Short (It was competing with over 100 films for that honor) at the Omaha Film Festival.

I really am too stunned to talk about it right now, but I’ll share a photo of the gorgeous awards, for now:

omaha film festival awards IMG_4554 sm

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