The Waiting Room, Dinosaur Jr.

waiting room IMG_0094CROPsm

It’s midnight on Saturday the 18th. Technically, it is the 19th, I suppose.

I’m seeing Dinosaur Jr. tonight. It’s probably sacrilege to admit this, but Beth was actually more of a Sebadoh fan. Still, if she were alive and healthy, it’s a show she would have wanted to go to.

The photo is off (if you know the place well, you can see what I did wrong), but they were so nice to let me in early, I didn’t want to start over once I realized the mistake. It works, as-is, so I’m going to settle for this one.

I can’t recall who we were seeing the night this photo was taken. It might have been Johnny Marr, but I’m not sure. We used to see a lot of shows when she was healthy.

Regardless, I wish she were here right now, like every other day. But, I miss going to concerts with her.


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