Walking in Beth’s shadow

beth shadows IMG_0805sm

I have been waiting many months for the Sun to match this angle. Sadly, I think Beth must have taken the photo in the Fall, not Spring, but I’m not going to wait until October to try this, again. All winter long, the Sun was rising too far to the south to get this angle. As April began, it appeared I could get the angle, but I realized I had to capture it as soon as possible because leaves were growing fast on the trees and started blocking the light.

I took this photo around her birthday, but I’m only just now getting around to posting it.

I kept the original photo near the front door to keep reminding myself to look at the morning light at least one day a week. I’ve been doing it since December, or so.

I loved it when Beth got creative; taking photos of her reflection or shadow instead of the usual portraits one might expect. She had started playing around with apps to make her images “more artistic” – making them look like watercolors or “bubblefying” them. She even asked if I could set up a painting area and asked me to teach her to paint. Usually, when I’d ask her about setting up an area as a studio for her, it seemed she had changed her mind, so we never did.

I often wonder, if she were alive today, what kinds of things would she be experimenting with. I know some of it was just boredom being alone, since she couldn’t work or go out much, but some of it was definitely a budding creative mind.

I miss that mind.


beth bubbles IMG_0398tall
A sample of Beth’s “bubblefied” images. It was an app I played around with, but she loved so much I put it on her phone. I simply stopped using it so it could be her thing. She like using images of stars (that’s Gillian Anderson as Dana Scully at the top). You can see as they get smaller they are easier to make out, like a Chuck Close painting. Top, left to right: Beth, Gillian, Maggie. Bottom, left to right: Beth, me, me




2 thoughts on “Walking in Beth’s shadow

  1. I enjoyed the nature photos and manipulated images that Beth posted. Her sense of color is really striking. I wish we’d had the opportunity to become better acquainted.

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