Here I am again

colorado missing piece 085A0962sm
Lava Cliffs Overlook, Trail Ridge Road, Rocky Mountain National Park

I first abandoned this blog on December 31, 2017. Later, I posted one more thing in the summer of the following year, hoping it would be the final post.

Yet, here I am, again, another year later.

You’d think after all this time I’d have some profound words of wisdom. I don’t. You’d think I’d post something thought-proving and inspiring after all of this time, but I’m just rambling and posting whatever comes to mind.

These images were never posted. Part of the reason I’m here is to finally post these images. Part of the reason I am here is to tell anyone that has been told to “get over it” regarding the most profound loss of their life is this:

You never will. But, it’s ok. It’s okay, no matter what you’re told about the grieving process. It’s ok. Your anger and hurt are justified and understandable. There’s no timetable for grief. Don’t let anyone tell you how to grieve.

It’s ok.

colorado missing piece 085A0492
Lava Cliffs Overlook, Trail Ridge Road, Rocky Mountain National Park


I also realized I never posted the TEDx talk I did about a year ago, about this process I went through, and about Missing Piece, the film that resulted from all of this. I now realize I should link it to this blog. I will post that separately, maybe tomorrow.

Who knows, maybe someone will stumble onto this site one day and it might help that one person.

Maybe not.

But, that’s ok, too.


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