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I’m thinking of only posting about four days a week. I haven’t decided, but if I do change, I might only post on the following days:

Monday | Tuesday | Thursday | Friday

This is a very personal story being shared in a very public way. I tried to explain that here in the first version of this page, but instead, I’m going to let Kim Carpenter explain via an article she wrote for the Omaha World Herald.

Here is Kim’s story.

This website exists purely to share snippets and snapshots of what I’m doing. It was meant for me and close friends. Most snapshots were taken with a phone, and with the exception of the “missing piece” images, I’m rarely taking nice photos when I travel. This isn’t that kind of travel, and was never actually meant for the world… for people I don’t personally know. Somehow, more people than I anticipated have found this, however.

But, you’re here, by accident or through a friend, and so I still offer you the same metta Beth said for her friends and family — the metta I posted on the About page:

May you be happy.
May you be safe.
May you be healthy.
May you be peaceful.