Standardblue studio wall

standardblue studio IMG_1810sm

I looked and looked at the pattern in the bricks until I found the right spot for these photos. The brick must have been regrouted (patched, not completely redone), which made it a bit more challenging, but I found the spot after much searching.

This is heartbreaking, it’s so beautiful.


Standardblue studio, near the windows

standardblue studio IMG_1632sm

These were really hard to line up. I was rushed, partly because I felt like I was really putting the guy out. Another reason they were hard to line up is because I probably had a telephoto lens when I took the original black and white film photo, but I need to use a really wide angle lens to take these “missing piece” photos.

When you’re this close to a wall, or similar object, that lens length makes a huge difference.

Naturally, I still love this.