Beth in a Jean Léon Gérôme painting at the Chicago Art Institute

beth chicago art institute IMG_0161
Jean Léon Gérôme
French, 1824-1904
Portrait of a Woman, 1851
Oil on canvas
92.6 x 73.7 cm (36 1/2 x 29 in.)

This is a painting at the Chicago Art Institute. I took a bunch of photos back in May, and I scheduled some of these to post while I was traveling. I have maybe a couple of weeks worth of these, so I’ll post these before I start to post the “fading away” images.

One more of Beth at Hector’s

hectors IMG_0095ver2

I’m a bit surprised we took so many photos in standard restaurants. I suppose we didn’t eat out at ones we loved really often, or anything, but we ate at places like Salween Thai all the time, and I don’t have even one photo there.

I posted one from Hector’s a long time ago. I didn’t realize I had this second one until recently, so I’m finally posting this alternate photo, although I had to combine photos to make this.

I suppose I posted the other one because she looks so full of bliss in that one.

Still adorable, though.